Sample Mission Statement
  ~ Courtesy of North Smithfield Conservation Commission ~

Mission Statement 

To maintain and preserve the natural environment within the Town of North Smithfield by promoting, protecting, and developing its ecological resources. To seek to coordinate activities of official and unofficial bodies organized for similar purposes of ecological preservation. To coordinate with state and local officials for the purpose of addressing conservation issues and concerns as they pertain the town. To work in conjunction with the town planning department with regards to environmental issues and concerns relating to construction on new and existing developments within the town. To recommend to the town administrator and the town council programs for the better promotion, development, utilization, and preservation of open spaces, streams, shores, wooded areas, roadsides, swamps, marshland, watersheds, and all other natural areas.


The work of municipal conservation commissions came into sharp focus in the 1960’s and 1970’s due to conceived threats to our common environment. The complex interplay of widespread industrial and household toxins and pollutants in our sustaining biosphere, rampant development and commercial trends, and human population and dynamics and demographics were all significant concerns which played a role in the formation of municipal conservation commissions. At the local level, the role of the conservation commission has come to mean not only the protection and enhancement of de facto open space, habitat, and natural resources, but also the protection of the sense of open space, which has been threatened by patterns of urban and suburban sprawl. The North Smithfield Conservation Commission was established by town ordinance in 1991 to serve as the municipal body charged with overseeing the protection of the natural resources within the Town of North Smithfield.


The North Smithfield Conservation Commission aims to be a vital asset to the Town of North Smithfield by conducting research and study, advocating and making sound environmental and conservation recommendations, and raising larger issues that affect the Town and its future and well being. It seeks to be an active agent in the municipal planning process as it relates to the Town’s growth in accordance with the Town’s vision as embodied in its Comprehensive Plan. It is interested in all matters that affect the environmental health and condition of the Town, its rural character and values, the collective quality of life, responsible economic growth and development, and housing patterns, as well as the protection and preservation of the Town’s natural resources and aesthetic treasures. All these factors are necessarily and importantly related to the Town’s municipal planning process.

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