Commission Membership Dues & Policy 

Membership in RIACC is currently set at $100 per year for conservation commissions. It is also our policy that any commission that does not receive a budget from its city or town government may join at no charge. NO commission will be denied membership due to a lack of funding. Please note that, other than some possible grant opportunities that may become available, member dues are the sole source of operational funds for the association. Therefore, we do urge non-funded member commissions to solicit their city or town government for membership dues. RIACC can provide you with an information sheet, outlining services and benefits of membership along with an invoice to present to your respective government official. We can also provide a RIACC representative to appear before a city or town council as required. Please contact the Chairman for assistance.

Please make check payable to: RIACC, P.O. Box 9221, Providence, RI 02940-9221.

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