Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can join RIACC?
      RIACC is open to all Conservation Commissions in Rhode Island. If your city/town does not have a commission, we will provide you with tools, information and guidance to help your local government establish one. Contact us directly for more information.
    • Is there a membership fee to join?
      Annual dues are set at $100 per year, however, because some commissions receive no annual budget, any commission may join regardless of its ability to pay. No commission will ever be denied membership.

    • How many commissions are currently members?
      There are currently 23 member commissions** in RIACC. We always welcome new members. New members may join us at any time.** Note: Not all cities/towns have active commissions.
    • What services and support can commission members expect?
      RIACC provides educational services, support services and has a very strong interest in helping commissions to work with each other for the common good of the whole. We offer many support tools such as model ordinances, an interactive web forum, etc. We have developed and regularly update a Conservation Commission Handbook that is available for all members to use as a base guide. We also offer a ‘Subscribe’ features so members can receive periodic updates and announcements as well as up coming agendas.

    • How is RIACC funded?
      RIACC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our only funding source is dues from member commissions, donations from others and grant awards that we may apply for. As an independent NGO, RIACC receives no funding from state, federal or local governments.
    • Are you affiliated with other groups and agencies?
      Yes. RIACC has an excellent working relationship with many local and national organizations as well as municipal, state and federal agencies. For a complete list and links to those agencies and organizations be sure to check our Links page.

If you have further questions, please send us a message using our Contact Form.

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