President’s Message

RIACC Logo, Rhode Island Association of Conservation Commissioners, 150pxWelcome to the new Rhode Island Association of Conservation Commissions website.

You are busy people! You have personal, professional and family lives in addition to your municipal conservation duties and your remarkable civic service and volunteerships. In the past RIACC has conducted nuts and bolts training workshops for commissioners, held public forums and lectures, assembled panels of experts (for example bringing planners, builders and developers and environmentalists in one place), featured presentations on the meaning of ecological design, sponsored regional gatherings and co-sponsored statewide summits with land and water partners.

We are ready, and I hope you are, too, for something new!

With this website we hope to initiate a better way of relating and supporting each other. We want RIACC to be a simple resource that you can learn from and apply in your local community.

    • What issues are meaningful to you in the long term?
    • What concerns do you find urgent right now?
    • What local successes can you boast of? What tool are you most in need of right now?
    • When does combining with other commissions make sense?

I urge you to take advantage of this website.  Please consult with your fellow commissioners and use this website as …

    • A Question box
    • A notebook and idea scratch pad
    • A handy contact list
    • A reference manual
    • A map
    • A video conference call setup (well, not quite yet!)
    • A project platform
    • A photo album
    • A bag of tools
    • An inspiration to refine and add to.

It’s your baby!  Enjoy it, profit from it, and raise it to a healthy and useful maturity.

Dan Novak

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