RIACC Invitation

Invitation to the Public, all RI Local Conservation Commissions, and
other State and Local Environmental Groups and Agencies

A special presentation:

“Where will it all Go? The Future of the Central Landfill”

Speaker: Michael OConnell, Executive Director, R.I. Resource Recovery Corp. 

Recycle, Reuse

Date:  Monday evening, September 22, 2014
Time:  7:00 pm

Place:  Jamestown Town Chambers, Town Hall
93 Narragansett Ave., Jamestown, RI

  • Light refreshments provided
  • Hosted by the Jamestown Conservation Commission
  • Sponsored by the RI Association of Conservation Commissions (RIACC)

“Mountains of Trash or Burning Air? Where is it all going?” — Michael OConnell, Executive Director of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC), will speak about the process now underway to update RI’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Master Plan.

Director OConnell will share background information about RIRRC, address remaining landfill capacity, explain regional trends in solid waste, and discuss the key issues, strategies, and recommendations that are emerging from the planning process, with the potential to shape the future of solid waste management in Rhode Island. You will also have the opportunity to get YOUR questions answered about reducing, reusing, and recycling in RI.

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Village Development Workshop


Village Development in Rhode Island
A ‘How To’ for Planners, Developers, and Community Advocates

Thursday, October 2, 2014
9:00am to 12:30pm
The Assembly Theatre, 26 East Avenue, Harrisville, RI
– 3.5 AICP credits offered -

This workshop will present an overview of the new Rhode Island Village Guidance Manual developed by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management with funding from the Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program.

Planners, local officials, and others will be provided with guidance on village planning and design, overcoming barriers to village development, ordinances to encourage village growth and lessons learned from successful villages in other states.

Speakers will include the Manual’s authors Peter Flinker from Dodson and Flinker and Nate Kelly from Horsley Witten Group. Tom Kravitz, Burrillville, RI Planning Director, will talk about the lessons learned from the successful redevelopment of Harrisville. Other local planners will share their experiences in overcoming barriers to implementing village development in their communities. After the presentations, enjoy a self-guided tour of  Harrisville and/or chat with the presenters in the pavilion. Bring your lunch or visit one of Harrisville’s great restaurants. The agenda may be found here: http://nbwctp.org/programs/Village_Workshop_Agenda.pdf.

This workshop is free of charge. A light breakfast will be provided from 8:30-9:00 am. Please register here to attend: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/22CSTJ5. Please register by Sept. 26.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer West at jennifer@nbnerr.org or
401-222-4700, x 7413.

This workshop is cosponsored by RI DEM and the RI Division of Planning.

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Come join RI Conservation Commission Delegates!

May 14th RIACC Gathering of Delegates and Board Meeting Agenda at the Warwick Pilgrim Senior Center, Warwick RI.

Our state network cannot should not try to replicate the staunch advocacy work of splendid state organizations like ECRI and Grow Smart. What we can do is focus on our local knowledge, local conditions and local power.  Strength originates in the Truth coming out of our concrete circumstances.  The delegates present will share what it is about their work that is satisfying and what is frustrating.  Only by listening carefully to our individual voices can we ultimately empower ourselves and creatively address the kinds of things that bug us all.

1. Welcome and refreshments*

2. Introductions and orientation for delegates from local commissions

3. Brief reports, observations, and/or feedback (e.g. on the recent summit)

4. THE NEEDS OF CC’s!! — perceived needs and stuck points along with suggestions and some brainstorming. Some points for new or struggling CC’s — the “4 tracks” of our local work: advisory reviews procedure and criteria, developing a track record of successes beginning with very humble small projects in your monthly/yearly work plan, generating the rallying point of a state advocacy issue, and exploring the planetary, global and national perspectives that form the context of state and local agendas – and how to reverse the usual top-down assumption…  How our website is a treasure trove of helpful information about individual towns and constitutes/functions as a kind of training manual for beginning commissions, not to mention a storage place for good results and good ideas by veterans.

5. The connection between our “mission” and our larger purpose in society, the big picture

6. Beginning to develop a specific action plan for your commission and set of priorities for RIACC for the coming year.

7. Adjourn, hopefully with specific assignments, tasks and responsibilities, and maybe even a creative project or two to work on over the summer.

“BYOB” can mean bring your own banjo too!

Cheers, Dan Novak, Chair

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RIACC Conservation Commission Local Delegates Meeting

The RI Association of Conservation Commissions is requesting all Local Delegates to attend a meeting on Wednesday, May 14th from 6-8 pm at the Pilgrim Center in Warwick to see what is necessary in the Association’s planning for the fall.  Rhode Island Conservation Commissions delegates should be appointed by the local Conservation Commission to represent your local commission’s needs.  These delegates are requested to attend this pivotal meeting.

Please email RIACC Secretary Dori Boardman at doriboardman@gmail.com with your commission’s delegate email information and to confirm attendance.

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The Spring May 7th Board/Delegates Gathering in Warwick

RIACC News for All Commissions

The RIACC board is requesting that each Conservation Commission designate one of its members to serve as their commission’s representative on the board for terms ranging from three months to one year. Each designee (volunteer or appointee) will be a full board member for their chosen term (3 mos., 6 mos., 9 mos., or 12 mos.).

Anticipated 2014-15 board meetings: 1 this spring (May 7th), 1 during the summer, 2 during the fall, and 1, possibly 2, next winter.

Please email RIACC Secretary Dori Boardman directly to let us know who your board liaison will be, along with their contact information. Or contact us online.

Let us know of any initial questions you may have.

The May 7th gathering (the Computer Lodge Room, 6-8 pm at the Pilgrim Senior Citizen Center in Warwick) is the follow up on our summit annual meeting. The agenda will include an orientation of new board members, a review of our central mission, election of officers, and finally creative/strategic planning around collective priorities for the coming year.

An important order of business through the summer and possibly early fall will be helping shore up weak CC’s and restoring contact with recently renewed commissions. Strong and well established commissions can help enormously in this outreach effort. And there are things struggling commissions, indeed all commissions, can do. We will emphasize four distinct and vital “tracks” in our activities.

Dori will send out a reminder notice to you all about May 7th in April, on or before Earth Day.

Refreshments will be served and the insatiably curious are cordially invited.

Dan Novak, Chair

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